Olio Magazine

Olio Magazine is a magazine featuring exciting art, design and culture from around the globe. Olio strives to voice the stories and uncut anecdotes of the best up and coming and established creative minds around today. Issue 1 features Kasper Eistrup, Playtype Copenhagen, Skiltamálun Rekjavik, Anders Giversen, Guille Reyes, Andi Sapey, Daisy Bentleys ‘Found Notes’ and some of Instagram’s best children’s fashion entrepreneurs.

The Olio Grid

The unsung hero of Olio is its highly adaptable grid. Flexible to various column structures, yet keeping the dimensions uniform throughout the grid helps maintain the Olio presentation in each article whilst allowing for each article to have its own personal styling.


Olio is all about high quality editorial and large crisp images. Anything unnecessary was stripped back allowing the content to shine.