Panda is a central Norwich wine and cocktail bar split over two floors; the main bar level and an atmospheric low-lit basement/crypt level. The bar boasts over 40 varieties of wine alongside, prosecco, cocktails and craft beer. The upstairs area has a large bar, seating area and a deli at the back which will serve cured meats and cheeses. Downstairs the crypt is lit by candlelight with neon signs adorning the walls.

Branding & Neons

We worked on the branding and 7 neon designs for panda. Working closely with the team to help create a holistic visual dynamic.

Black Fronted Neon

Of the 7 neon’s, 4 are back lit black fronted neon’s (a first for the region) to help aid in creating a moody low lit atmosphere in the crypt level