Redwell Brewing is Norwich’s premier up and coming craft brewing company. Now available all over the UK, including in Tesco stores nationwide, we have worked closely with Redwell since starting their rebranding in 2016.

The Hourglass

The hourglass has always been Redwell’s emblem. But it needed to be simplified, the inner bottle shape emphasised and to become its own brand. Colour schemes were designed for nine new pump badges and the hourglass developed into a visual that is as striking and on brand when displayed with other brand identifiers as it is on its own.

The Brand

Our aim is make brands standout from the crowd. When it comes to a draught beer, we all know there are plenty of options available, but our aim is to make Redwell an icon in the market, representing their characteristics with bold, bright, fun designs.

The Cans

Redwell already had some great illustrations created by local artist Richard Horne AKA ‘El Horno’ for their can designs. Jok Design helped develop and adapt these illustrations into the cans you see today in many retail outlets, pubs and bars, including Tesco.

Brand Development

The hourglass, the strong typography and the brand identity were in place, the cans and pump badges had been adorned with the new identity, now attentions are turned to expanding the brand. Kegs, boxes, glassware, t-shirts, to name just a few, and we’re not done yet!